Management team

  • More than 100 years of combined experience in multi-nationals
  • Covering all elements of business from technical to executive
  • Length of relationship between managers,  17 years+
  • Experience across Africa, Americas, APAC and Europe and more than 13 industries
  • Received global performance and achievement awards for leadership, innovation, sales and transformation
  • Experience to work with a vast array of cultures and complex environments
  • Experience as board members and directors

Core technical team

  • More than 65 years of experience in Forensic and Fraud Management
  • Successful fraud-related implementations across banking, financial and medical insurance
  • Successful deployment of complex projects across 17 countries
  • 16 years + experience in complex algorithm and typology development across multiple technologies
  • Extensive experience in big data, infolytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Contributions to successful convictions in syndication, anti-money laundering and terrorism activity cases

Forensic and Fraud Management Experts



THEMIS is the first truly end-to-end solution covering the entire fraud management value chain



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“Themis is unique, not just because it is an end-to-end fraud management platform, but also because of its flexible and competitive pricing model, rapid implementation, leading AI technology and passionate team. I support Themis because I see a great future for this product that will disrupt the global Fraud market – in a good way. This is one complete Fraud and AML [Anti-money laundering] platform for customers, small and large in any industry.” – Frans Vermaak, CTO Praesignis