Management team

  • More than 100 years of combined experience in multi-nationals
  • Covering all elements of business from technical to executive
  • Length of relationship between managers,  17 years+
  • Experience across Africa, Americas, APAC and Europe and more than 13 industries
  • Received global performance and achievement awards for leadership, innovation, sales and transformation
  • Experience to work with a vast array of cultures and complex environments
  • Experience as board members and directors

Core technical team

  • More than 65 years of experience in Forensic and Fraud Management
  • Successful fraud-related implementations across banking, financial and medical insurance
  • Successful deployment of complex projects across 17 countries
  • 16 years + experience in complex algorithm and typology development across multiple technologies
  • Extensive experience in big data, infolytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Contributions to successful convictions in syndication, anti-money laundering and terrorism activity cases

Forensic and Fraud Management Experts



THEMIS is a truly end-to-end solution covering the entire fraud management value chain. Themis re-imagines the approach to combat financial crime. Fraud is a complex phenomenon that cannot effectively be addressed through a series of rules. We know this from practical experience and so we have applied more modern techniques, technologies and principles towards more effective Prevention, Detection and Investigation.



Themis fully addresses Know Your Customer, Money Laundering, Terrorism Funding, Ponzi Schemes, Syndication, Collusion, Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

Themis is POPI, King, Basel 239 and GDPR compliant, and is delivered with more than 550 typologies, the ability to integrate to more than 7000 external golden data sources and is delivered with a highly sophisticated case manager.



“Themis is unique, not just because it is an end-to-end fraud management platform, but also because of its flexible and competitive pricing model, rapid implementation, leading AI technology and passionate team. I support Themis because I see a great future for this product that will disrupt the global Fraud market – in a good way. This is one complete Fraud and AML [Anti-money laundering] platform for customers, small and large in any industry.” – Frans Vermaak, CTO Praesignis