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Eradication of fraud, money laundering and terrorism funding Simplification of your entire fraud management value chain Secured financial and reputational integrity Reduced cost of compliance
Really know your customer, using internal and external data sources Detection / deterrence of illicit financial flows Actionable omni-intelligence©

Themis is to Fraud Management what Microsoft is to home computing: Accessible, affordable, reliable fraud management software for all companies in the banking, financial and medical insurance industries

Private medical scheme, APAC region

Funeral Policy Analysis, SADC

Boutique Medical scheme analysis, SADC


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‚ÄúPersistent Systems is partnering with Converge Solutions to take Themis, a cutting edge AI Fraud Management Application to our global client network. This application is a revolutionary approach to combating fraud waste and abuse across the medical, insurance and banking industries.”
– Andre Muzerie, Persistent Systems, Senior Director SA